About Lillehei

These clever, beautiful and delightful dogs have been a part of my life for 40 years.


My first Yorkie was bought from Mrs Betty Green, and several imported studs were soon to follow:

Macstrouds Tenderisle McDavid

Gingerbreadman of Kenstaff

Bluefire Good as Gold


A female Yorkie by the name of Chamberin Infanta was bought from Dinky Park, selected personally by Dinky who travelled to the UK specifically for the selection of suitable puppies.


I made use of Mrs Yvonne Braudy’s imported international champion (Dundry Sporting Chance) by way of stud services and puppies,  as well as Mr Jan van Niekerk’s imported Typras Kid of Sunplayers.


Trendsetter was bought from Mr Paul du Plessis, whose sire was imported from Germany, and whose sire in turn was an International Champion.


Being mindful of faults and defects, I am a strong believer in line breeding.


I offer stud services to several other well established breeders, and have the following stud males:


Lucky Lad of Lillehei (Lovingly and well known as Cassidy)

Geo Schumi of Lillehei

Lillehei Kings Choice

Lillehei Luggi, and

Trendsetter of Lillehei


I strongly object to the breeding of ‘Chocolate’ Yorkies, as their colouring is caused by severe pigmentation problems, and the dogs are prone to skin conditions because of it.


I also do not associate with the terms ‘Teacup’ or ‘Pocket Size’ Yorkies. While there may on occasion be a smaller pup in a litter, it is widely considered unethical to breed with a female less than 2 kg in size.  Such breeding practise often results in puppies being born with defects.