A note on ‘Teacup Yorkies’

Teacup puppy vs. Healthy puppy


After receiving many phone calls and requests for ‘Teacup Yorkies’, we thought that we may provide the following snippets of information, which neatly translates the issue of ‘teacups’ to buyers who may not be the wiser.

An excerpt from the book ‘The Yorkshire Terrier’ by Deborah Wood reads as follows:

‘Think twice, and think again, before buying a dog if the breeder advertises “teacup” Yorkies. Yorkies are less than 7 pounds (3.18kg) according to the breed standard – That is already a small dog. Trying to make a tiny breed even tinier is a cause for health concern, most especially fatal liver shunts. Plus, advertising “teacups” is a marketing gimmick design to snare naive, unknowledgeable buyers. Don’t be that buyer!’

Lillehei Yorkshire Terriers do not sell ‘Teacup Yorkies’, in fact we are against the very concept. There may be some puppies that are born naturally small, our little Genevieve is a fine example thereof, however warning bells should sound when any breeder consistently breeds the smallest possible dogs in order to obtain ‘teacups’. This poses horrible health threats that could include cardiovascular and respitorial problems amongst others. For more information on the Yorkie standard, please see our posted note ‘The Yorkshire Terrier, at a glance’

A last excerpt from Deborah’s book:

‘Don’t fall for labels like “teacups, “tinies” or “mini’s” – those are just advertising gimmicks designed to sell puppies to unsuspecting buyers. No classifications by size exist for this breed’ –  ‘The Yorkshire Terrier’ by Deborah Wood